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  1. Maharajkumar Vishvaraj Singh, son of Mahendra Singh Mewar – the 76th Maharana of the Mewar dynasty and a former Lok Sabha member — on behalf of his parents, has written to the Prime Minister Narendra Modi, to withhold the certification and release of the Sanjay Leela Bhansali directorial ‘Padmavati.’

    Singh asks “You are requested not to certify or permit the release of the film in its present form,” Singh urged, adding, “It is the responsibility of the Government to safeguard the history of our country and the dignity of its citizens”.
    However, Singh raised objections that the film is about his family and a chapter in the history of Mewar, but no one approached them to verify the facts or get permission.
    He pointed out that the movie-makers have not come up with a “well established and accepted historical source” and such errors could not be pointed out if the screening is done now.
    On the argument that one cannot judge a film until it has been seen, Singh said the first song ‘Ghoomar’ alone displays an incorrect portrayal of Rani Padmavati.
    “If the film professes to be history and its maker goes on record to claim that he has kept in mind cultural sensitivities, it is an artistic and historical fraud to portray an incorrectly attired courtesan-like painted doll in the song as the very ‘queen’ the film purports to pay obeisance to,” he wrote.
    The Royal member raised concerns about the effect of the movie on the future generation, who will see a distorted history of Mewar.
    “Allowing our history and culture to be misrepresented in such a manner before the public does make one question the ability and intentions of the Government,” he said.
    Lastly, Singh said, “allowing commercial interests to override the sanctity of national pride and heritage would be a failure on the part of the Government and will not behove well for times to come”.
    The Karni Sena, which demolished the sets of the movie in Jaipur and also thrashed Bhansali, last month, again, warned the director that he would face consequences if the movie distorted historical facts.
    The least Bhansali could have done was to engage and involve the Mewar Royals, the descendants of Rani Padmavati before commencing the project.
    – Digpalsingh Rawal

  2. December 1, – This days in Indian history-
    World AIDS Day. According to the the National AIDS Control Organisation (NACO), approximately 1.2 lakh people in India have AIDS. This reduction has been from an estimated 2.5 lakhs, almost 57 percent. According to the UN’s AIDS Report published in 2012, there has been 50 percent decline in new infectivity in the last ten years in India.

  3. This is one of the forts that I truly want to visit in 2018. The location and architecture looks mesmerizing. All the best for your endeavor!

  4. Wednesday (December 6) is marked as the 61st death anniversary of Dr. Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar, popularly known as Baba Saheb was born April 14, 1891. The day is remembered as Dr. Ambedkar Mahaparinirvan Diwas. Dr. Ambedkar was a jurist, economist, politician and social reformer who is widely regarded as ‘The Father of the Indian Constitution’. His campaigns against social discrimination against Dalits, women, and laborers are part of history. Dr. Ambedkar was the first Dalit to clear matriculation and also the first Indian national to do a doctorate in Economics in a foreign nation. Dr. Ambedkar, who was the prime architect of the Indian Constitution, was categorical that the text had to include the welfare of minorities. He was India’s first law minister and was instrumental in reducing working hours from 14 hours to 8 hours. Dr. Ambedkar’s 20-page autobiography titled ‘Waiting for a Visa’ is taught as a textbook in the Columbia University.

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