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Coat of Arms


Eastern Wall


Tour the Darbargadh Fort in traditional style and give it the attention it deserves. The Fort is situated at 21.28 N 74.50 E, at Malpur, Maharashtra, India. It was built in the late 14th century by Sisodia Rajputs. On your visit to the Fort you will have an opportunity to explore the majestic ramparts and the Royal Court (Kacheri). Finish with a photo-op of the Fort, ramparts and cannons as backdrop. Additionally, you will be able to tour the country side and shop for handicrafts and other items that you will not find anywhere else in the country. Within a 50 miles radius of the Fort are scenic spots like Malpur Dam, ancient stone temples and holy Hindu pilgrimage center. This will be a memorable lifetime experience for you and your family. The scenic natural beauty, rugged landscape and the 14th century architecture will leave you mesmerized.

Southern Wall